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[youtube]   In my first San Diego Comic-Con 2010 interview, artist and illustrator Molly Hahn shows off some delightful monsters and offers tips for aspiring storytellers. She’s bright and articulate, Mollycules is superb branding […]

Downfall’s Downfall



If you can view the video clip above, Vimeo has not been compelled to take it down. Gulp, yet. The clip, using new subtitles, is from “Der Untergang“—”The Downfall: Hitler and the End of the Third Reich”. I rented the captivating German film from Nextflix in August 2005. In the original scene, Hilter learns that he has lost the war. Its revision is one of the most successful and visible Internet memes of the last half decade. The scene has been repeatedly parodied, replacing the subtitles so that Hitler rages about something else.

The Hillywood Show

[youtube]   Among my 17 Comic-Con 2009 interviews: The Hillywood Show players, featuring sisters Hilly and Hannah. These girls are young, motivated and talented. The website is engaging, and they connect to all the […]