Cali Poses

In the daylight, I got a couple good snaps of Cali, in another off-the-cuff X100T test. One shot is from the perch and the other from the fridge. The first is Macro, by accident, f/2.8, 1/60 sec, ISO 2500. The other (right) is f/2.8, 1/60 sec, ISO 1250. Full-size shots are available from my X100T Flickr set, or, separately, here and here.

I am a bit grumbly about choosing the X100T over the X-T1 this morning. Fuji will release on December 18 a firmware update that adds most of the features that swayed me to choose the X100T, which arrived about 21 hours ago. This is good customer service, though, for existing owners, and I won’t forget the benefit. I complain today, but long term it’s way to go, Fuji. 

On Google+, Patric Dhawaan asks me about the X100T: “How sharp is it wide open? I have the x100s and shoot mostly wide open. Have heard some reports that the x100t may not be as sharp at f/2 as the x100s”.

I need to get the camera out in the daylight to answer. In my testing last night, I felt the focus was too soft in low light at f/2. The depth-of-field was too shallow, more than I remember from using the X100. That’s why I shot at f/2.8 for the arguably first quick tests. In my exploration before purchasing, reviewers’ X100T photos all look soft  to me compared to the X-T1. But I chose the X100T because of a long list of features, including the electronic shutter, which now arrive next month.

All that said, regrets are a constant with tech like this. The point is to be satisfied with what you have. Soft focus will be a problem, if Patric is right about shooting wide open. We shall see, eh?