Flickr a Day 37: ‘Bushwick Dreams’

Street smart best describes the photographic style of Chris Ford. From Appleton, Wisc., he now lives in New York City, which is principal location for his atmospheric art. Composition is his talent, by which he creates sense of presence—being there—whether it’s the Big Apple or his fantastic travel photography.

Among the 37 Flickr photostreams viewed to date, Chris’ is by far the most difficult to cull. The challenge is greater than the images; he generally tells a story behind each, providing historical or current context. The guy just kills me—and causes me to also hunger for the City, where I hope to one day live again. 

Unable to choose, I presented my wife with a selection of 10 pics, and she picked this one. “I like it because it’s natural”, she says. Good choice. I might have gone for “Jazzmaster“, which is more iconic.

Chris says about self-titled “Bushwick Dreams”: “Bushwick is the new Williamsburg. Cheap rent (rooms under $500) can still be found in these parts. Elevated subway lines, graffiti, skaters, and artists make of the fabric of this energetic neighborhood”.

He shot this one on Nov. 17, 2013, using Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Canon EF24-70mm f/2.8L II USM lens. Vitals: f/2.8, ISO 400, 1/125 sec, 24mm.

Chris joined Flickr in October 2009. His website, which greets “I prefer film”, is another place to find his photos. There’s an evocative quality that separates hjs film photography from the digital. You should look and delight!

His film cameras include the Hasselblad 503CWMamiya 7, and Minolta x700.

Photo Credit: Chris Ford