Flickr a Day 141: ‘Snappy Dresser at San Francisco Bev Mo’

The only camera that matters is the one with you. So carry the right mobile, which Lynn Friedman does. She shot self-titled “Snappy Dresser at San Francisco Bev Mo” on April 14, 2015, using iPhone 5s. Vitals: f/2.2, ISO 40, 1/30 sec, 4.2mm. The photo makes the Day for title/caption, candid capture, and the subject’s attire.

Lynn is a photographer by profession, and today’s selection doesn’t remotely reflect the quality of her art—just its spontaneity and candor. From Milwaukee Wisconsin, she lives in San Francisco, Calif. Her website features three portfolio shoots that deserve your attention: Childhood,  Generations, and Roots. She joined Flickr in April 2006.

Photo Credit: Lynn Friedman