Flickr a Day 316: ‘Making a Spectacle of Oneself’

Bricklayer Craig Sunter lays on the selfies, using himself to perfect photographic art of other people and objects. He has great command of contrast and shadows and presentation. His “aim is to take photo’s that are interesting”. That he does. “My photographic skills are very basic but my imagination is out of this world—that’s what helps me create the images I produce”.

I had the damnedest time picking one pic to feature. Self-titled “Making a Spectacle of Oneself” takes the Day for being interesting and for composition, perspective, and bokeh. Craig captured the moment on Oct. 25, 2015, using Nikon D7000. Vitals: f/4.5, ISO 100, .4 sec, 50 mm. He features the photo in album/set “Table Top“. The UK-native joined Flickr in October 2007.

Photo Credit: Craig Sunter