Flickr a Day 346: ‘The Death of Me’

Whoa, here’s a composite that you don’t want to experience in this life or the next. Sam Breach shot self-titled “The Death of Me” on March 23, 2013, using Canon EOS 5D Mark III and EF 50mm f/1.2L USM lens. Vitals: f/16, ISO 100, 1/180 sec.

Sam says that she loves to “create beautiful, compelling, thought-provoking and emotional imagery using a camera, a computer, shadows and light. I enjoy experimentation, playing with concepts, testing ideas, maybe trying something crazy. Image-making for me is like playtime for grown-ups”.

The Bristol, United Kingdom, native lives in Oakland, Calif., where she runs her own photography business. Sam joined Flickr in April 2006, but you should spend some time at her website, which is a showcase of the image as art.

Photo Credit: Sam Breach