Desolate and Dreamy

On the same evening that I shot “Harvest Moon“, using Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, I tried another using Leica Q2 Monochrom that didn’t come out as anticipated. Nevertheless, something about the street scene is evocative to me so I share it with you. Vitals, aperture and shutter speed manually set: f/1.7, ISO 12500, 1/125 sec, 28mm; 8:25 p.m. PDT, Sept. 29, 2023.

What surprises me is how eerily quiet is the neighborhood during the evenings. With the pleasant weather, I would expect to see more people. Instead, the streets are drearily desolate—dystopian, almost.

The largest home that dominates the Featured Image is located at Mississippi and Monroe in San Diego community University Heights. Across the street, but out of view, is a property that I briefly considered trying to buy in August 2017. Days later, we made an accepted offer on what I call the Schoolhouse. Unfortunately, we had to walk away from the purchase because of disagreements with the selling agent.