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Spotted: Vivienne Tam Netbook

Here are a few things that go oddly together: A Mexican vacationer, Coronado Public Library and designer netbook. This picture tells a story.

Yesterday, I took my daughter over to Coronado High School, where, in other circumstances, she would attend. But we don’t live in Coronado, and San Diego School District is rumored to be resistant to transfers. We’re late trying to get in, too.

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Nokia N97 Value vs iPhone 3GS

On June 10, I sold my beloved Nokia N96 and the N79 abandoned by my daughter for the E71; the proceeds paid for the N97, which I purchased from Nokia USA. For the price of one N97, I could have bought two iPhone 3GS smartphones with some money left over. My N97 arrived on June 12, seven days before Apple and AT&T started selling the iPhone 3GS.

Why spend so much? As I’ll explain in the next post, on first impressions, the N97 is a mix of well-balanced capabilities.

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The Firefighter’s Gift

Last night my daughter asked if I could buy a Santa hat for her to wear ice skating with friends. But I couldn’t find one anywhere. You would expect them to be sold out on Christmas Eve. Later, as I exited the UTC mall’s food court, I saw four security guards sitting around a table, the woman among them wearing a Santa hat. Surely they would know where to find one! I approached and cheerfully asked if they could suggest a store selling santa hats.