Little Bun Runs

Unseasonably warm weather ended today, but not before the thermometer reached 23 degrees Celsius. On Sunday, with temperature about as high, my daughter took Little Bun (not the rabbit’s real name) out into the backyard.

Bun Bun (also a rabbit pseudonym) shares my basement office and gets frequent runs `round the backyard. She can hop—supervised, of course—out the open sliding glass door. Little Bun lives in my daughter’s bedroom, without access to the outside. 

On May 5, 2005, she brought out the rabbit, in a cat carrier my wife picked up cheap at a local thrift store. Tentative at first, the bunny ran several jigs upon the fallen leaves, and she has had chance to do so every day since.

My daughter took Little Bun out again today, but this time also taking pictures with her Canon Digital Rebel camera.

Photo Credit: Molly Wilcox