Which are My Fav Flickrs a Day?

As the 250th photo in my Flickr-a-Day series approaches, I review those that have come before and think: “Which are my favorites?” I pick pics for many reasons—among them which others there are in the series and the stories behind the images or about the photographers.

I have my own tastes, too. So why not give fans of the series—eh, there are some?—sense of what appeals to me. I pick 15 from the 248 and identify the top five favs.

Day 1: “Reflect“. The first is among the best, for composition. I love the sunglasses.

Day 17:Geisha Hunting“. Color and composition enchant.

Day 24:Defilé” is my third favorite from the series, for clarity, color, composition, and movement.

Day 38:Master of Venice” is my favorite photo from the series (and featured image for this post). Color, composition, and title are excellent. Looking at the cat, I wonder about the notch taken out of his ear.

Day 72:Going That Way“. Color, composition, and bokeh do it for me.

Day 73:OMG“. This is a winning studio shot, for the contrasting colors of the umbrellas and the subject’s facial expression.

Day 114:Anonymous #2“. Composition and red on the mask accentuate an emotive portrait that makes my fifth fav for the series.

Day 142: “Beloved“. My favorite picture of my wife is second fav of the series. She shot the selfie at age 21.

Day 172:Abandoned Farmhouse“. I can’t say why this photo appeals to me. Maybe it evokes some memory growing up in Maine. May it’s serenity or the color. Whatever the reason, this is my fourth fav of the series.

Day 176:Cowboy“. The subject’s stance and expression sets against the wonderful movement of the moment, which is captured with great detail.

Day 179:Hola, Greetings from Machu Picchu“. I laugh is first reason. Composition and beautiful bokeh are the others.

Day 180:Strolling in Venice“. Composition and color get me. But I must ask: Does the self-title refer to photographer or the person missing from the image. There are two drinks and a backpack where someone should be sitting.

Day 217:Finally the Expected Photographer Arrived“. Timelessness—the photo could easily be from the 1940s—and the composition.

Day 220: “Chat“. The cat’s expression is priceless and the composition excellent.

Day 245:Portrait of a soldier“. The composition is magnificent.

Photo Credit: Alex Num