Wow, the Amazon Home Page

Solidarité is right, and nothing for sale visible above the fold. Americans are often too oblivious to tragedy overseas, even among Western allies. If someone didn’t see the news, and shops Amazon, they have to wonder what the page refers to.

My wife and I watched live coverage for hours from CBS and Sky news services, streamed, since we’re cord-cutters again. To recap: Coordinated terrorist attacks left more than 120 dead in Paris, late last night (local time there). The city is in lock down. 

Amazon’s small gesture means something, and shows someone there demonstrates good marketing sense, genuine goodwill, or both. Before bed, I take a quick look to see who else shows sympathy and respect to the city’s fallen, those left behind, and their shattered innocence.

Apple Home Page

Apple, which is often unfairly praised as champion of human rights, shows no solidarité at all, as judged by the scandalously sales-pitchy homepage at 12:46 a.m. PST. Microsoft, Twitter, Walmart, and the other dozen sites I checked are all similar: Commerce as usual. Amazon stands alone and should be proud for doing so.