The Fox and the Hares

Well, you know you’ve been out of town and out of touch, when there are 5,523 new posts to read via RSS. Oh my! Among them: Jean McDermott has an update on the feral rabbit hunt, lest the vermin—ah, cute furballs—defoliate Alaska. I blogged about part one of her bunny adventure the day before her most recent update. How’s that for timing?

So, writes Jean: “I successfully caught six baby rabbits over Memorial Day weekend. Three black ones, two gray ones, and a tortoise color fawnish one. Let me tell you, baby bunnies are extremely cute”. But she resisted petting the lot, to avoid terrifying them to death. However, the cuteness overwhelmed the folks over at animal control. 

“When I walked into animal control with six baby rabbits it was as if a Cuteness Magnet had been turned on”, she writes. Suddenly, she had four people helping her. Four! “‘Hey folks, come out to my place and help me catch the parents of these babies!’ I exhorted, explaining what an ecological disaster it was to have feral domestic rabbits loose”. She went out to her truck and returned to a room full of people, “including the director of the center (a man), and every single person was holding a baby rabbit and cooing over it”.

Jean managed to get enough attention for a “tentative plan” to capture the adults—two males and a female—and remaining kitten (e.g., baby bunny). She reset the traps, but found them upended the next morning.

“The baby is still living next to Sofia’s doghouse (go figure). There is a strong possibility that a fox, or even a lynx got into the barn and took care of the adults for me. Hey, that’s life”.

Photo Credit: Tom Doyle