The Cats of University Heights: Frisky

On the afternoon of June 25, 2016, as I walked by the local elementary school located at Campus Ave. and Meade, a friendly feline popped out of the bushes demanding attention. Frisky is my name for a cat circling around and climbing up my legs and torso. I talked to my mom on iPhone 6s Plus at the time and asked her to hold while attempting to get a good photo. The furball moved around too much for that.

The original is blurry. But wanting to use it, I edited in rare fashion: high-dynamic range—in this instance applying Structured 2 filter using HDR Efex Pro 2. Vitals for the Featured Image: f/2.2, ISO 25, 1/298 sec, 4.15mm. The moment is more salvaged than pristinely preserved, but I couldn’t let Frisky be ignored in this series

Also featured: Scruffy, Roly Poly, Woo, Skull, Biscuit, The Colonel, White, and Chipper.