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Flickr a Day 46: ‘We Make It Pretty’

Ethereal describes the best photography of Kelsi Barr. If Enya songs were pictures, they would be Kelsi’s. I came to her Flickr stream searching for “aspiration”. I picked this pic for creating the illusion of bygone days—a harbor scene that looks more like the 1920s than the 2010s. So compelling is the feeling, I worried she took a photo of an older picture.

Kelsi shot self-titled “We Make It Pretty” on Oct. 17, 2013, using Canon EOS Digital Rebel XS and 70-300mm lens. Vitals: f/4, ISO 160, 1/4000 sec, and 70mm; edited using PhotoScope. She joined Flickr in June 2010 but hasn’t posted in the last 12 months. In 2015, look for her photos, which character is dramatically changed, on Instagram or her website

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Flickr a Day 42: ‘Mobilgas’

I discovered photographer Wes Peck while searching for art to illustrate post “Where are the Comments?” His primary focus: Objects. But behind each photo is a learning exercise, as he reveals in contextual captions. His Flickr stream is rich with learning-teaching lessons that extend beyond the story each image tells to the one behind.

Today’s selection is no exception and presents back-to-back snow photos (see Day 41 for the other). Forgive the indulgence. This is February, and I grew up in Northern Maine—where the white precipitation is visible six months (or more) a year. 

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Flickr a Day 41: ‘Snow in Rome’

The camera you have with you is better than none, and sometimes it’s better than most. When first selecting today’s pic, discovered by searching for “snow”, I missed an important detail: iPhone 4. Hell, yeah. Show me a dSLR that delivers this good—of course, in competent hands. Composition is splendid. The eye’s delight.

Among the official “Most Popular Cameras in the Flickr Community” ranking, smartphones take the top-five spots—three going to Apple mobiles. I remember when iPhone 4, which the company released in June 2010, topped them all. That distinction now belongs to the 5s. 

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Flickr a Day 37: ‘Bushwick Dreams’

Street smart best describes the photographic style of Chris Ford. From Appleton, Wisc., he now lives in New York City, which is principal location for his atmospheric art. Composition is his talent, by which he creates sense of presence—being there—whether it’s the Big Apple or his fantastic travel photography.

Among the 37 Flickr photostreams viewed to date, Chris’ is by far the most difficult to cull. The challenge is greater than the images; he generally tells a story behind each, providing historical or current context. The guy just kills me—and causes me to also hunger for the City, where I hope to one day live again.