Flickr a Day 331: ‘Selfie’

This series features plenty of selfies: Days 15142160201, 261275, 310316. Today’s selection differs by making the selfie-taker subject of the photo, which wins for clarity, color, contrast, and composition. The clutter behind adds character to hers. Zlatko Vickovic captured the moment on June 30, 2015, using the Fujifilm X30. Vitals: f/2, ISO 800, 1/40 sec, 7.1mm.

“Vicko” is a designer and photographer.  “My main focus in design is on Logo creation, although I have experience in other fields of design”, he says. “I create simple and clean Logos that instantly communicate message of the brand they represent”. As for photography, “I’m always taking my camera with me, trying to freeze wonderful and memorable moments from everyday life around the world”.

You must explore his photostream, where those moments are more than memorable. They’re artistic, compellingly captured with a designer’s eye. From Novi Sad, Serbia, where he still lives, our shooter joined Flickr in June 2012. He keeps a photo site, and you also can find him on Facebook,  Instagram, and Twitter.

Photo Credit: Zlatko Vickovic