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Flickr a Day 352: ‘Left Alone’

What’s missing makes the photographic art of John Meadows so commanding. Color for one. Digital for another. The modern is absent, too. If you look at portraits from one-hundred years ago and earlier, the subjects often don’t smile; typically there’s a seriousness to their facial expressions and bodily postures. The look, feel, and mood is similar; most any of his captures could easily be mistaken for a picture from the 1910s.

But John is a modern shooter blending past and present techniques. “As time goes on, I find myself moving more and more drawn back to film-based photography and historic processes such as Cyanotype and Van Dyke Brown”, he says. “However, I will take advantage of certain digital technology, so even when stating with a film negative my workflow tends to be hybrid”. 

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Flickr a Day 349: ‘I’m a Little Photographer’

Sigma compacts are lean on extras, including video capture, and they demand patience—taking time to thoughtfully compose each shot. They can be point-and-shoots, but they aren’t meant to be. Rather, in competent hands, they produce spectacular IQ (e.g. image quality).

Ben Keough is spot on in his review of the Sigma DP3 Merrill, which Jay Hsu used to capture our selection: “The software deficiencies are all variations on a single theme: If a feature doesn’t help you take an unadulterated still image, the DP3 doesn’t have it. No picture effects, no scene modes, no panoramas, no collages, no dynamic range compensation, and no HDR capture”. The camera is no frills and slow to focus. Oh, but the IQ! 

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Flickr a Day 342: ‘Imagining’

On this day in 1980, former Beatles singer John Lennon was shot dead in New York. I lived in the city, coincidentally; I shared my remembrance on Dec. 8, 2005. (Man, I’ve been blogging for far too long.) The senseless murder created community mourning, which wave washed over me, despite not being a fervent Lennon fan. The Beatles appealed more. Uh-oh. My, daughter is the same age now as I was the day Lennon died. She appreciates the Fab Four more. Hehe, for Christmas 2014, i bought her a turntable and some Beatles vinyl.

Well, the context for today’s winner should be obvious now. I picked through hundreds of pics, including some taken during an all-day NYC Lennon songfest on this day two years ago, before deciding on self-titled “Imagining”, which is the ninth selfie in the series (see Days 15142160201, 261275310316).