Flickr a Day 342: ‘Imagining’

On this day in 1980, former Beatles singer John Lennon was shot dead in New York. I lived in the city, coincidentally; I shared my remembrance on Dec. 8, 2005. (Man, I’ve been blogging for far too long.) The senseless murder created community mourning, which wave washed over me, despite not being a fervent Lennon fan. The Beatles appealed more. Uh-oh. My, daughter is the same age now as I was the day Lennon died. She appreciates the Fab Four more. Hehe, for Christmas 2014, i bought her a turntable and some Beatles vinyl.

Well, the context for today’s winner should be obvious now. I picked through hundreds of pics, including some taken during an all-day NYC Lennon songfest on this day two years ago, before deciding on self-titled “Imagining”, which is the ninth selfie in the series (see Days 15142160201, 261275310316). 

Gisela Giardino gushes about “some of the few really cool decor at home; this mirror with Lennon’s image on it”. Show us more! She shot our Day taker on Christmas Eve 2006. EXIF doesn’t capture info about the camera, which she clearly holds. Looks like Lumix with Leica lens. I owned similar Panasonic model myself, but not that color, around 2009.

Our shooter is a Flickr lifer, having joined in August 2004, which is less than a half-year after the service founded. The photographer is a TED organizer and translator—and a busy lass with many interests. I love her singing voice, which complimented this post’s writing, streamed from her SoundCloud. Go, Gisela! She lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Photo Credit: Gisela Giardino