The Cats of University Heights: Herman

On Christmas Day, while walking down Campus Ave. from my father-in-law’s apartment, I spotted a kitty. Then another. And another. And another. Their owner, JoAnn, lets outside her four furballs for four hours three days a week—Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. She sits in the courtyard with them, as they race around chasing and playing. Look for the others tomorrow and rest of the week.

Her favorite is Herman, who may be the cat I previously featured as Frisky. He visited me on a June Saturday across the street but down the block from JoAnn’s studio apartment. She thinks it is, although there are few identifying features in my photo. 

All but one of her felines is from the shelter. JoAnn waited three days to adopt Herman because “everyone wanted him. He was a pound favorite”. The shelter picked the person deemed most likely to give him best care. He has lived with her for about 2 years.

I captured both portraits using iPhone 7 Plus. Vitals for the Featured Image: f/1.8, ISO 20, 1/2740 sec, 3.99mm. Other is same except for shutter: 1/929 sec. Times are 11:05 and 11:15 a.m. PST. Both pics are cropped and auto-adjusted in Apple Photos.

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