The Cats of University Heights: Finny

Along Adams Ave., just beyond Panorama, a ginger tabby sprinted across a yard to greet my wife and I, yesterday. The maturing kitten delighted us with his enthusiasm and exuberance. He visited until the roar of a passing city bus compelled retreat under one of two vehicles parked in the driveway.

The kit had no collar, and so no name tag. I dubbed him Buddy, because of his friendliness. He would make a good companion to us or anyone—and of course hopefully to his owners. Buddy wouldn’t be the first young cat that I’ve seen roaming without a collar, only to wear one as an adult. Surely he belongs to someone

And he does! In an exchange with the owner April 18, 2018 on the NextDoor social network, I learned that the friendly feline is named Finny, that he constantly loses his collar, that we saw him in front of his home, and that he is afraid of cars. Some well-meaning person had posted about seeing Finny and wondered about taking him to the shelter. “I think we need to put up an Orange Kitty zone sign or something so people don’t think he doesn’t have a home“, the owner says. 🙂

Choosing the Featured Image was no easy task. I nearly equally liked all his portraits; each captured with iPhone X. Confession: Leica Q battery died just as I started shooting. I knew it was low and forget to swap in fresh before going out.

The first photo is cropped to remove the car fender and cover—visible in the second shot. Vitals for one: f/1.8, ISO 20, 1/1372 sec, 4mm; 9:21 a.m. PST. The other, taken two minutes later, is same except for 1/2404 sec shutter speed.

While I selected two portraits, others will be available in my neighborhood cats album on Flickr, where there also appear additional, and often newer, pics of the featured furballs. Those that accompany each blog post are but the start.

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